An awsome free software for you

Whether you are doing a profesional 3D modeling or you are in it for fun, Blender is one of the best softwares out there. the fact that it is a cross platform and a totally free open source software makes it a perfect choice for everybody. blender runs practically in any computer. but to have more productivity out of it, you will probably need a computer that is not very old. a processor clock speed of 3GHz (prefferably multicore) or more,  a RAM of atleat 4 GB and a decent graphic card will do.

The good thing about Blender is that it can be used not only to do 3D modelling, but also rendering your model either as a still image or an animation. not only that though! Blender is also quite handy in editing videos.  all this can be done in a single software that is really easy to install. Installation is as easy as writting a simple comand in a linux terminal or a few clicks of the mouse.


CaptureA Hidmo model done by blender. this can then be animated however you want it to.

In Linux, To install Blender you can either go to the official website  and download it, or Just type the apropriate command in Terminal. for Ubuntu and its derivatives you just have to type(you can also do a copy – paste);

sudo apt-get install blender 

In Arch linux and its derivatives, the command is;

sudo pacman -S blender  

After typing the command; what remains is pressing enter and providing the password and installation will take seconds.

In windows and Mac OS just head to and download the package that suites your system, download it and install like you would with any new software. open the downloaded .exe/.msi (in case of windows) and keep clicking next until you are done. have fun doing whatever you like to do with it! see you with the next one.